Shirley's Philosophy

Your voice amplified,

 uniqueness honored & potential harnessed?

That's music to the world.

How do

you coach?


You will Laugh, Engage emotionally, Think outside the box, Accumulate confidence, and Habituate excellence.
Most importantly, you will develop critical thinking skills for 21st-century Success.
To Parents

Like walking, all babies are wired to use their voices for survival, connection,

and discovery.

With singing and dramatic speech,

children learn to seek, shine & succeed.

To Adults

We do not perform to impress;

we impress when we perform.

We do not achieve to succeed;

we succeed when we achieve.

To Children & Teens

Way more than getting trophies or distinctions,

when I help you pursue excellence on stages around the world,

I am helping you realize, trust, & celebrate
all that you are becoming.

We do not just learn how to sing or play the piano

How is your coaching unique?


I use HUMOR and SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) to Captivate

Multiple Intelligences and Learning Modalities

to Activate

Critical Thinking Skills and the Stage to Motivate the WHOLE PERSON

Why do your students get amazing results so often and so quickly?


They follow my 4 pillars which are the results of
  • over 30 years of global success with children aged 5-18 and adults of all backgrounds and levels (from beginner to professional opera singers)
  • Hundreds of hours diving into the Neuroscience of Singing and Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Child Development, the Psychology of Motivation and the Effects of Stress
  • Cases of turning behavioral problems, self-esteem or anxiety issues and learning challenges around

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