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Life CEO Course
Use 5 Powerful Steps to Boost Confidenc
e, Love and Joy NOW

I want a time-tested, world-class Success System to transform my life with clarity & certainty instead of delays & disappointments.

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Start maximizing your ‘FORCE’ like Yoda and



Boost LOVE and JOY with clarity and confidence

Get Rid of your blind spots & Get what your want step by step

Life is like a combination lock; your job is to find the right numbers,

in the right order, so you can have everything you want.

   (Brian Tracy - Iconic American Life & Business Coach)

Life CEO is a Live ONLINE / In-PERSON Transformation Course that helps you unleash your POWER to Manifest What You Want STEP by STEP. It is based on: 


** Jack Canfield’s top Success Principles 

** America’s most trusted Social-Emotional Intelligence assessment and training

** The neuroscience of Confidence

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I Want to Preview What I’ll Learn

  • Take 100% Responsibility

  • Be Clear Why You're Here - Decide What You want

  • Unleash Powerful Goal Setting

  • See What You Get, Get What You See

  • Act As If! Release the Brakes!

  • Mastermind Your Way To Success

Have you ever met a Resilience Jedi?

Empowered Voice Coach | Global Speaker | Author|Success Principles Trainer | Resilience JEDI

Shirley Whing CHOW is the founder & director of Whing Resilience Success Coaching Co. Ltd.. As the Hong Kong Chairwoman for G100 Global Networking, she hosts the podcast From Zero to Shero . She helps women and children boost Joy, Confidence and Bliss for life. Her courses include Voice Empowerment, Life Skills(EQ and Social Skills), and Law of Attraction.


Across 4 continents as opera coach, musical producer, and performing arts program director, Shirley spent her first 3 decades leading teams and motivating performers of all ages and backgrounds. From 2007-2018, after mentoring over 100,000 Hong Kong children and youth and witnessing how anxiety and depression hurt them, she reskilled as a Social & Emotional Intelligence and Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer.  

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To promote Resilience, Shirley shared her PTSD and depression recovery journey in 3 Amazon best-sellers - Ignite Your Life for Women, Women Going Global, and H.E.R. Healed, Empowered, Resilient. Furthermore, she promotes mental health for institutions such as The Women Economic Forum, the World Academy for the Future of Women, the Women of Hearts Foundation, and Jessica Magazine(H.K.). They have recognized her contribution with awards like Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All, Exceptional Women of Excellence, Woman of Resilience & Motivation, Diversity Ambassador Leader, Exceptional Leader and Outstanding Woman 2020.


Show me celebrity success stories

a soon-to-be bride lost movement and speech completely after 2 severe brain injuries in July 2011 - visualized back her ability to walk walked down the aisle in Apr, 2012 (7 months)

Heather O’Brien Walker

“ If I can go from broke to becoming a star (Philippines No.1 Money Coach earning 7 figures in 1 day), ANYONE CAN!”

John Calub, the Philippines

Where can I find your work?

I have been actively speaking globally about empowerment for institutions such as The Women Economic Forum, G100 Global Networking, the World Academy for the Future of Women, Women of Hearts Foundation, Global Tea Party, and the Education 2.0 Conference etc.

I am grateful that they have recognized her dedication with awards like Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All, Exceptional Women of Excellence, Woman of Resilience & Motivation, Diversity Ambassador Leader, Exceptional Leader, Outstanding Woman 2020 and Outstanding Leadership in Education 2023.


You can connect with me at :

Watch Ms. Shirley: 

Read about your coach:


Am I a good candidate for the
LIFE CEO course ?

YES, if any of these situations apply to you:

  • You have major goals to accomplish and you want to double the speed,  half the stress and keep the joy

  • You have been using some tools already to get what you want, but you keep confronting obstacles, fears, and doubts

  • You know the world is changing fast and you want to reinforce your resilience, stress management, self-leadership and manifestation skills to position yourself strongly for the future

  • You are embarking on a new job, relationship or new country of residence, you want clarity and certainty to thrive, but you’re not getting much support

  • You have been feeling panicky, worried and lost

  • You feel victimized, intimidated and fearful 

  • You want to have stronger and more loving relationships with family, friends or even with yourself

  • You’ve been bullied or undermined at work or at home

  • You subdue your voice and hide your disappointments and anger to avoid discomfort

  • You constantly relinquish your autonomy or needs in codependent or dysfunctional relationships

  • You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction and Life Coaching but have been very skeptical

  • if these tools may just waste your time and money 


With the right success tools, skills and guidance, you will Re-discover and Re-Generate your innate FIRE and RESILIENCE like I did.

Say goodbye to victimhood.  

Liberate yourself from the habit of reacting with fears and anxiety.


MASTER your responses to life - the JOYFUL, CONFIDENT and LOVING way. 


Join me and many others to become a Happy LIFE CEO!

Book me a free consultation(value at US $150)

Thanks for submitting!

Life CEO stresses on experiential learning. It offers 10 LIVE online lessons where you get instant feedback from the coach & fellow students. In addition to self-guided videos, powerful exercises, and bonus music/book list.  and optional one-on-one coaching.

How does the course roll?


Workbooks, PPTs, Music, Videos    

 * Video replays are  available within 6 months of course work

Admission Age: 

Youth Version (ages 11-18)  

Adult Version (ages 19 and up) 


US$1,256 to 1,988 

(Bonus : US$845  worth of materials

Sign up before Jun 28,  2023 to get America’s most comprehensive Social-Emotional Intelligence Assessment FREE: valued at US$200)

Course Start Dates:

 Last week of July, 2023

 (Fri mornings & evenings / Sat. evenings / Sun. evenings Hong Kong 


Course Calendar Icon:

10 two-hour online/ live classes (Hong Kong)

Course Code & Duration: 

LCEO3F -  10 weeks (intensive, weekly sessions) OR   

LCEO3S  - 20 weeks (well-paced, bi-weekly sessions)

Class Size:

 20-25 individuals or One-on-one (Private VIPs)

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